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Attendee Sign-in Sheet

If you are hosting an event, you might like to have a sign-in list, so that each attendee signs in.  This may be beneficial (or even required) for your Public Liability Insurance, so there is a record of who attended… Continue Reading →

Public Liability Insurance for your Chapter

Please note the following information is NOT legal advice and is here to give you a very basic understanding of the issue of Public Liability Insurance as it relates to Red Hatting. If you have any questions about insurance or… Continue Reading →

Fundraising ideas

Generally speaking, Hatters don’t do fundraising.  However there may be times when chapters want to raise money to help a particular charity, or to raise chapter funds for convention costuming or other chapter needs. Fundraising ideas: Fines – Charge a… Continue Reading →

Button Necklace

Make yourself a necklace (or bracelet) that is cute as a button! All you will need is a collection of buttons, best if they are a mixture of small and large.  2 or 4 hole – it doesn’t matter.  A… Continue Reading →

Bra Hats

“Bra Hats”?  Yes!  What better way to embrace the fun and sillyness of the RHS by making a hat from a bra!   You literally take a bra, and put it on your head to make it into a hat  –… Continue Reading →


These are songs that have been created by substituting normal lyrics with Hatter themes ones. The tunes are listed below the song name. Authors are unknown. You can also download a printable songbook that contains these songs. Click here to… Continue Reading →

Restaurant Bill Slips

Sometimes when you go out for a meal with a group of people the venue won’t do “Split Bills” (where each person can pay for their food separately). This can make it difficult for everyone to pay the bill at… Continue Reading →

Bag Lady Fashion Show

Have a fashion parade where the ladies dress up to represent a type of bag. Each lady could draw the bag type from a hat – or select it from a list. They might also like to write up something… Continue Reading →

Mystery Dinner

You will be serving a mystery meal dinner where the guests order from a menu, without knowing what those menu items are! There should be much fun when the guests get their courses and find out what they actually ordered!… Continue Reading →

Scavenger Hunts

A good multi-chapter event. There are numerous ways you can hold a scavenger hunt, so get creative. You can break everyone up into teams of 2 or more. You can have them in one location – such as a shopping… Continue Reading →

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