Victorian Hatters

(2020-06-03) Hat Week Australia

Hat Week this year is 3rd – 12th July! (Hat Week is celebrating the wearing of hats. We do it all the time, but since others don’t there is a week of promoting the wearing of hats and hat related… Continue Reading →

(2021-02-26) Fair Maidens of the Round Table Convention (Melbourne)

The “Fair Maidens of the Round Table” event to be held in Melbourne, Victoria on 26,27 and 28th of February 2021 is being hosted by Down Under Scarlett Belles Fair Maidens of the Round Table Registration Form Fair Maidens of… Continue Reading →

Victorian Chapters

Victorian suburbs and their Chapters To find a chapter, look at the map to find the closest chapter to your suburb then email us for the contact details for that chapter

Victorian Resources

Links to Websites and groups for Hatters in Victoria (Australia)

Victorian Event Calendar

Information on events around Victoria

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