A sash is a great way to display your bling brooches without damaging your clothing (or needing to move them onto different outfits). Having a “Red Sash Ceremony” is a lovely way to celebrate a member becoming part of your chapter.

(Image from http://www.tlh.co.uk/blog/red-sea-torquay)

The sash is a piece of wide ribbon or satin fabric, approx 1.5 metres long, worn over one shoulder and pinned/tied/sewn at the opposite hip. It can be plain or embellished with writing or bling brooches.

For the ceremony, you can call each member forth one at a time. Have them kneel, sit on a chair or simply stand. They should have chosen a Royal name for themselves prior to the ceremony.

The Queen (or other officiating person) can say something such as:

“With the power that is vested in me, as Queen of the ……. <your chapter> ……
and before all of these royal attendees, I now pronounce you ……<their royal name>…… “

A Scepter or sword is tapped on each shoulder, as the Queen speaks the member’s royal name. Then the Queen can say something such as:

“and I hereby present you with The Order of the Red Sash”

As the sash is placed on them. A commemorative pin can be added to this, to start them in their bling collection, or can be left plain.