We have a selection of printable cards and posters you can use to help spread the word about Hatting.

Info Cards

~ Click Here to Download ~

Twice as long as a business card, they can be folded in half to fit into a business card holder.  Great for leaving around where there isn’t anyone around to explain what Red Hatting is or for when people will pass info on to someone else.  Prints 4 info cards plus 2 business cards to a page.


Business Cards

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These can be printed on normal paper or on 200gsm card, and will print 10 to a page.



A4 Posters

~ Click Here to Download General Poster ~

~ Click Here to Download Poster with Chapter Space ~

These are designed to be left at places like libraries and community noticeboards.  Available with a space to write your chapter name/phone/email for contacting you directly, as well as an option for a general one that directs people to the Aussie Hatting & official websites.