While the Red Hat Society is seen as being a group for women over 50, women under 50 have also been part of the Red Hat Society since 2000, and are called “Pink Hatters”.

Women over 50 wear the red and purple colours, while women under 50 instead wear pink hats with lavender/lilac clothing. Once they reach 50 they can “REDuate” and don the red hat and purple clothing of a Red Hatter.

Pink Hatters can do everything that Red Hatters can do, they can join chapters alongside the Red Hatters and they can even be Queens of their own chapters.

Red Hatters often feel that Hatting is important to them because it gives them a sense of sisterhood, support and fun, and stops them from being invisible in society.

For women in their 30s and 40s, Hatting can help show them that growing older isn’t something negative.  The fun and enjoyment of life certainly does not need to end!

Reaching the age of 50 then becomes something to look forward to, rather than something to shy away from.  Our Pink Hatting “Pinkies” are the Red Hatters of the future!