After logging in, select the option to add a new post.  This will open up an empty post for you, which will look like the image below.  I will explain each section you will need to use – you can ignore everything else on the page.

#1 – Post title –  This is what the post will have at the top, so it should briefly (in a few words) explain what the post is about.   For event posts, you must put the date at the start of the title, in the format of (YYYY-MM-DD).  This is because under the Australia-wide event page, the posts are displayed ordered by post title, and this ensures they list in the right date order for when the events are held.

Event titles must start with the date in brackets, in YYYY-MM-DD format

Having thee dates listed first allows the website to display the posts in the correct date order

#2 – Post Content – This is what your post will have as the main body – all the information on the page.  You can change font colours, upload pictures etc. if you wish.  Please keep the guidelines in mind when posting.

#3 – Categories – This is very important!  There are 2 categories set up for you to post in. You must make sure your posts are placed in the correct category for your State or this will cause your posts to appear in the wrong section of the website and will confuse everyone.  If you are posting an event select your state under “Hatting Events by State”.  For anything else, select your state under “Hatting by State”.

#4 – Publish – Pressing this button puts your post up on the website.


Step #5 – Look at the website and check your post looks like you want it to!


Optional – Featured Image – If you look under the categrory list, at the bottom of the page, there is an option for “Featured Image” – this puts a picture at the top of your post and this will show on the pages that display all the posts.  I have created State images for each State if you’d like to use it, or you may upload something yourself.

To add an image, click the “Add Media” button under the post title, and either upload your own image, or look in the Media Library to find your state image

This is how posts look when adding as State image to the “Featured Image” section