In addition to the normal posts version of event listings, we have a site-wide event calendar that you should also list the event in.   To do that, select the “Events” option from the menu and create a new event.  The numbered sections in the image below are the only parts you need to do, you can ignore the rest.

#1 – Title – In a few words list the title of the event, please put your State abbreviation in brackets at the end, as the calendar lists all events, and this allows people to see at a glance where the event is located.

#2 – Date – Select the date for the event.  You can either set “all day event” or you can enter in the actual time the event starts.

#3 – Information – this is where you should put the information on the event.  You can copy and paste the same information from the event listing post, or just include brief information here and link to the full event post.

#4 – Category – Select your State, as the calendar has the option for people to view only events in a chosen state.

#5 – Publish – Click this button to publish your event to the calendar (If you go in to edit it later, the button will stay “update” instead of Publish)


— Note:  while it’s not necessary, you can fill out the event location details and other green sections if you wish.