Fun Stuff

Button Necklace

Make yourself a necklace (or bracelet) that is cute as a button! All you will need is a collection of buttons, best if they are a mixture of small and large.  2 or 4 hole – it doesn’t matter.  A… Continue Reading →

Bra Hats

“Bra Hats”?  Yes!  What better way to embrace the fun and sillyness of the RHS by making a hat from a bra!   You literally take a bra, and put it on your head to make it into a hat  –… Continue Reading →

Friendship Ball

Find a Christmas decoration ball that has a hinged opening or somehow comes apart. Inside place the Friendship ball poem (below) and a small item such as a pair of earrings, a pair of gloves etc. This ball is given… Continue Reading →

Red Hatter Survival Kit

This is a lovely thing to give to a newly crowned Queen, a REDuated hatter or a new member. This can be a box or bag filled with certain items that have special meaning. You may like to include a… Continue Reading →

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