Public Liability Insurance Document 2020/21


ARHGA Rules of Association update March 2022

ARGHA Rules of Association


These are songs that have been created by substituting normal lyrics with Hatter themes ones. The tunes are listed below the song name. Authors are unknown. You can also download a printable songbook that contains these songs. Click here to… Continue Reading →

Hatter Commandments & Creed

The 10 Red Hatter commandments: Thou shalt use thy Red Hat powers for good deeds (bring joy and laughter to all you meet). Thou shalt eat thy favorite foods, including chocolate. After all, diet is just a four letter word…. Continue Reading →

Hatter Customs

The following are some common customs Bling – The more the merrier! Any kind of shiny, sparkly accessory you can add is great. Many Hatters like to collect brooches as well as wearing pearls and rhinestone jewellery. “Dessert first” –… Continue Reading →

Is it Purple? Lavender? Violet? Lilac? Magenta? Eggplant? – it’s all confusing!

The dress code for The Red Hat Society is that women over 50 wear “purple” and women under 50 wear “lavender” But what is “purple”? and where does “lavender” stop and “purple” begins….. is magenta a “purple” or is it… Continue Reading →

Hatting on a Budget

This talk of having specific clothing and hats may seem a little daunting. You probably don’t happen to have a red/pink hat just lying around, and you might want to get fancy but don’t have the budget to go out… Continue Reading →

Royal Name Ideas

It is customary for Hatters to take on a fanciful name to be known as while they are Hatting. It’s a bit of fun and a chance to give yourself a Royal Title. If you are having trouble coming up… Continue Reading →

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