Let us introduce ourselves (Co Co-ordinators for the Western Australian part of this website)

Wanda Spencer

I am Lady Wicked B Bad, Queen of the Menopausal Muppets.

I came of age and started Red Hatting in August 2012, after listening for years to the adventures my sister out-law was having in SA.

I originally joined a group of ladies that were mostly retired, that didn’t work for me.  I still work full-time and I needed to find other crazies, that like to go out of a night or on weekends.

In 2014 I started my group, Menopausal Muppets. It takes a lot to be Queen, I had to realise that while I’m working full-time I am better as a Tea Tramp.  I get to play with whoever I want and it’s great interacting with other groups.

I’ve been involved in many aspects of Red Hatting, from being ARHGA Secretary for 2 years to helping 4 other ladies putting together Fremantle Fling Convention in 2015. We had 278 women from around Australia converge on Fremantle.  After it was done and dusted, I vowed, never again.

I joined many red hatters and we sort of ran/hobbled/nearly tripped onto the footy field for After the Siren in Fremantle. Which celebrated the strengths of woman in many areas.

I crazily cooked a 3-course meal for approx. 20 red hatters in Stirk Park, Kalamunda. I have no idea why I thought this was a good idea!

Right now, even though I vowed “never again”. I along with 3 other amazing women are putting together a Red Hat Convention, Paint Perth Purple due to be held in November 2021. I may need to be committed after this, what was I thinking!!!!!

What I love about red hatting:

Takes longer to get anywhere. People like to stop and talk or take photos and tell you about their mother/sister/aunt/neighbour who is a red hatter.

Road trips are the best and great for the soul – we need another Kalbarri Kapers.

You get to “Fly your freak flag”

The only rules are red on the head, purple on the shoulders and reverse it for your birth month.

No matter where you travel, there is always someone to meet and catch up with.

People love to hear laughter, it can sometimes be the brightness on a dark day.



Liane Satie:

Ive been involved in hatting in WA for over 14 years. My first 8 years were as a Pinkie and boy did we have some fun.

I am now the Queen of the Gorgeous Goddesses after stepping up from Queen on VIce when Queen Ishtar abdicated and we are still having fun…go Figure!!

I am currently the Queen Bee of ARHGA ( Association of Red Hatted groups of Australia) and have been on the committee for numerous years.

We run monthly coffee mornings at shopping centres in the metro area. Primarily to promote and gain new members but in actual fact another great reason to meet up with our Red Hat sisters from lots of groups.

I was on the organising committee for the Fremantle Fling in 2015 and the upcoming Paint Perth Purple in 2021. Stupid is as stupid does apparently. Looking forward to welcoming the 420 ladies from everywhere to Perth.

In WA we often have mixed chapter events or weekends away. Always fun to play with all our sisters.  First rule of thumb…what happens on the road trip stays on facebook!!

My philosphy of life matches the Red Hat Fun, Friendship and Frivolity.

Laughter is good for your soul!!