Bra Hats

“Bra Hats”?  Yes!  What better way to embrace the fun and sillyness of the RHS by making a hat from a bra!   You literally take a bra, and put it on your head to make it into a hat  – FABULOUS!!!!!!!

I’ve yet to find a good step by step tutorial that describes how to do it, but here are some tips, links and photo inspiration to help you.

Making a Bra Hat

Start with a bra – Obviously!!! – I’d recommend choosing a push up bra with a padded cup in red (or pink), so you don’t need to cover it, and the padded cups mean it will be nice an perky on your head without needing padding or stabilising (half the job’s done already!)  As for size – that depends on how big you’d like your hat and how close together you’d like the cups to be….  Probably aim for a B cup for best results.

To make it into a hat, place the centre of the cups on your forehead where you’d like to wear the hat, and mark how far along the back/chest straps you need to cut for them to meet at the back of your head.  Leaving a seam allowance – cut the ends off the chest straps and sew them together.  – so you’re making the chest part of the bra into an elasticated headband of sorts.

Cut the shoulder straps off, as you won’t need those.  You can stop now and decorate the hat, or you can do a few more steps before you decorate

(optional) sew/glue boning from the bottom of the centre of one cup to the opposite side of the band, and again on the other side – forming a cross over the crown of the head.  This helps keep any soft cups looking good, and also gives you a frame onto which you can weave feather boas.  You could use pipe cleaners if you wish although this won’t be as sturdy.

(optional) If your cups need extra padding to keep their shape, take some stuffing and fill your bra cups, then sew fabric over the top to keep it in place.

Once your basic hat is complete, bling it up with brooches, broken jewellery, rhinestones and anything else that takes your fancy.  Weave feather boas around the boning straps to cover the top of your head and give yourself a fabulous feathery mane!


Tutorials (of sorts)


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