We have created some BINGO sheets for you to print out!

The cards have both the picture of the item and the name of it, to help identify what the picture is. We’ve included the call cards as well (Little cards that can be put into a bowl to call from).

You will need something to use as markers. If you’d like to be able to reuse these bingo cards, we would suggest using something like the plastic bingo tokens you can buy on ebay. Or large sequins, glass decorator pebbles, chocolates or any other such item.

You can download the pdf file that has all the 26 bingo sheets sized to print 2 to an A4 page. We would recommend laminating the pages then cutting out the individual bingo sheets

Click to Download All 28 bingo sheets and the call cards


Also some Call cards – these have one of each of the symbols on them, you can cut these out to place them in a bowl/container to draw from.